Savannah and Bengal Cat Diet

Savannah and Bengal cats Raw Diet

The Savannah Cats Diet needs a quality food high in protein, taurine and little grain content. You don’t have to choose a raw diet but the raw is the best diet for Savannah cats. If you will decide to feed your Savannah cat or Bengal cat with raw diet, please ensure to provide the following :
Protein – meat, fish or poultry
Fatty acids
For our early generation Savannahs we are using
Kittybloom VM900+3

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With probiotics from


And calcium from


​If you decide to feed your kitten with raw meat , you can prepare  grinded meat  or you
can chop a chicken breast on cubes and provide with chicken drumsticks. You have to add all vitamins, calcium, probiotics to your meat, but some cats may not like the smell  of nutrients and may not like to eat in this way, than you can grind your chicken meat and add all necessary vitamins etc. to grinded meat. Here the grinder you can use to grind the chicken legs with bones


​​and recipe we recommend:
Raw Recipe: You can use the following ratio when making raw:  2/3 of the total mix should be chicken, bones and all uncooked Of the 2/3 chicken, 1/3 of that should be organ meats such as chicken livers and chicken gizzards, hearts 1/3 of the mix should be beef, you can use beef stew meat from Wal-Mart the amount you will have to make is up to you, you can use 10 whole chickens, and about 6lbs of the stew meat and that makes about 8-10 gallons of mix
probiotics made for animals ( click on the link  above)
2-4 jars of squash baby food
1 can of 100% pure pumpkin
Kitty Bloom – add about ¼ tsp per serving
If  you have only one kitty, you don’t have to do a lot and you will have to pack in small zip-lock bags to have 2 portions in each bag. When you will defrost the mix, you have to use it in one day.


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